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Karen Wicklund

High School Singers vs. College Singers


A Wellness Survey of High School and College Age Singers:
Implications for Elementary/Middle School Student Vocal Health Habit Formulation and the Interventional Role of the School Music Professional
© 1996 Dr. Karen Wicklund

A recent vocal health survey of 32 high school vocal students from the Northwestern University National High School Music Institute was compared with the same survey of 35 college age vocal students from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Western Michigan University. Findings showed that the high school and college level students scored almost identically in the Physical Vocal Wellness and Technical Vocal Wellness areas; only about 28% responded in the optimal health range of these areas. This score demonstrates that both groups have formed some relatively unhealthy vocal habits, such as low speaking pitch, throat clearing, improper warm-up/practice methods, and extensive avocational voice use. Since these poor vocal habits are already in effect in the high school vocal student, an implication could be made that intervention should be made by elementary and middle school music educators to encourage healthy vocal habits in their young students. The Singer's Wellness Model will be presented, and suggestions for augmentation of elementary and middle school vocal music education curriculums will be presented.

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