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Karen Wicklund

Physical-Vocal Wellness

Measures singer's ability to use optimal vocal hygiene efforts with speaking/singing voice

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Physical/Vocal Wellness Resources

The Singer's 10-Step Daily Wellness Regimen
© 1996 Karen Wicklund; Of Special Note, Inc.

  1. RISE 2 to 3 hours before vocalizing, after adequate sleep.
  2. HYDRATE (1 liter immediately on rising; 3 to 5 liters plus additional throughout the day) Monitor hydration levels in urine - clear is optimal; yellow is dehydrated.
  3. EXERCISE / move the body
  4. EAT before warming up the voice.
    Adequate nutrients/lubrication essential for good vocal production.
    Avoid caffeine, alcohol, drugs (dehydrators).
    Proper nutrition throughout day - bagels, pasta, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, etc. Keep blood sugar levels steady; avoid refined sugars, fats, and processed foods.
  5. WARM UP the voice / vocalize daily.
  6. STUDY. Engage in consistent study of the voice.
  7. SUPPORT the speaking voice same as the singing voice.
  8. MONITOR stress levels hourly.
  9. AVOID smoking / second hand smoke or chemicals in the atmosphere.
  10. AVOID eating within 2 to 3 hours of going to bed. Elevate head in bed of singers prone to reflux problems.


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